Glenn has easily played in over 500 bands and orchestras in his career. 

Starting in 1963, Glenn has always had drums on his mind. It is the one constant in his life. He has played in over 500 bands in a continuing 55 year run. Originally from Boston he experienced the booming Boston music scene of the 70's and was part of it. Now residing in Florida He is a much in demand session drummer and a first call blues / general "live" drummer and vocalist. Glenn has also traveled many years playing drums internationally. He now hangs at the beach mostly and plays around Florida and the southern states, recording retro surf music with his band The Hodads in his home studio."After all these years I've gone back to my roots, my first record albums were the surf and hot rod hits of the 60's not Beatle records, but Ringo was was also a big influence and sealed the deal for me". Favorite drummers include, Buddy Rich, Dino Danelli, Carmine Appice, Gene Krupa, Richie Haywood,Tony Williams, Billy Cobham, John Bonham, Alan Dawson, Hal Blane & George Lawrence Stone to name just a few.

Glenn studied drums with Freddie Lusignan in Marlboro Massachusetts at the Johnny Archer Music Studio for about six years when lessons were three dollars. He learned drumming basics and how to read. Freddy was the house drummer at the famous Cesar's Monticello in Framingham. Glenn states, "Freddy was the best but did not tolerate drum fools very well. I remember leaving lessons in tears for not practicing my lesson and abusing his time, hey I was 12 years old". Glenn then attended private drum studies at Berklee School of Music in Boston when he was 16 years old thanks to his mother's support and school band director Mr. Cosmo Valente who was also an important influence in Glenn's life. "Mr. Valente taught me musical and personal discipline". Throughout his school years Glenn marched all the parades and football games, since the fourth grade in fact. The school band traveled to Washington D.C. and marched in the Cherry Blossom parade and the Washington Monument band battle and visited all the sights of that great city. All the while Glenn was playing rock & roll around town.

One of Glenn's first paying gigs was with the Tetras every Friday night at St. Anne's Catholic Church in Marlborough Ma. "We got paid 25 dollars, four guys and a manager, that's five bucks apiece, a windfall at 13 years old. We played the songs Satisfaction and Louie Louie over and over".

Glenn used to watch the neighborhood's battle of the bands champion band "The Gravemen" rehearse through the screen door of their home in '68. Not long after Glenn was playing with this group of musicians when they needed drums for a basement jam and remembered a kid down the street plays drums and came knocking at his door. At sixteen Glenn was playing Sunday nights at Gino Cappaletti's club "The Point After" in downtown Boston with the band KS Phoenix. Also that year was his first recording session at Intermedia Sound 331 Newbury street in Boston. Recorded was a fine Tom Yates tune "I can't go on" with Garland Taylor singing lead vocal and fellow members David Garcia, Gerri Harpole, Tom Yates, a string quartet and Adam Taylor at the controls.

Sunny Down Snuff still plays today, once a year at the Hudson tennis court dance reunion in Hudson Ma. The tennis court dances were held every Monday night through the summers of 1970 through 1974. This band is made up of four old pals from high school days. Ralph Lanigan, David Pontbriand, Tom Yates and Glenn Evans. Sunny Down Snuff reunited after 22 years apart in 1997. This band played the music of the era and still do, like some kind of time warp. The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Kinks, Hendrix and the Rolling Stones were / are the songs of the day. Glenn says "Joey A was the original drummer but suffered an untimely death. I appreciate the fact that we all got through the seventies and can still talk to each other".

In 1971 Glenn was asked to join the Boston rock band Johanna Wild with band members Jon Butcher, Jeff Linscott, and Jamie Pease / later Troy Douglas Sutler III. This band was promoted by Charles Coppleman and Steve Fargnoli, now manager of Prince. Johanna Wild toured with Sly and the Family Stone promoting the "Fresh" album release. It was also Sly's come back / show up tour and it got rough a couple of times. Johanna Wild also recorded on the Rolling Stones' tab to be considered as the first American act signed to the then new Sticky Fingers record label owned by the Stones. They recorded at Atlantic Recording Studio in New York City, played the Mercer Arts Center and CBGB'S a few times and also auditioned at a Manhattan dance studio for Marshall Chess. "When Chess finally arrived he was falling over in his chair and drooling and dropping his cigarette continuously. So much for that audition". The band recorded more in Boston but the managers, Neil and Lloyd Grossman pretty much gave up on the band. Johanna Wild disbanded only to reform with another lineup and management. A review of a Johanna Wild show at Mercer Arts Center in N.Y.C. on the back page of the 1973 Variety magazine.

variety magazine 1973...
Hendrix, but doesn't do that late rock star's memorable guitar riffs. His lead guitar is good, however. The other members of the quartet are white, including Glenn Evans, excellent on drums, and guitarist Jeff (Ollie) Linscott. The latter supplies not just rhythm, but counter melody and alive so aids the volume. Pease plays bass
Published Date: May 30th, 1973



1 August "Variety" music trade magazine simply states, "Glenn Evans excellent on drums period". Jon Butcher "Axis" now works on soundtracks in Los Angeles and Boston.

Later around '73 Glenn worked for the agencies playing Playboy Clubs, Holliday and Ramada Inns throughout the US and Canada. "It was like working for a mob, it was very cut throat, competitive and political". Glenn was young, full of piss and vinegar and was up to the challenge. He played with many bands under Evolutions management. "I once played the Manhattan Playboy Club mezzanine seven nights a week,seven sets a night for a hundred seventy five dollars a week and had to pay union work dues as well. Ted Alexander was the band leader of Windjammer. He was hip hop way before it had a name. He taught me the magic words, a beat generation rapping thing. Ted was an education and a cool guy I recall. On breaks the band had to hide in the entertainers lounge and could not associate with the clientèle. No brown bagging either, they searched the lockers so we all used to sneak up to the roof". Glenn worked his way up through the agency to play with Lil' David and the show band Free Society. Later ending up playing with Henry Sores, a Hammond B3 master in the house band at the Steak and Brew in Natick Ma.

Somewhere along here around 1974, Glenn played northern country music with Alan Estes and the Estes Boys. Alan has written many wonderful songs. The band consisted of Tom Yates, Bruce Wallace, Leo Egan, Peter Lindstrom,Glenn and Alan. Peter and Glenn played double drum sets. This lineup played Jack's in Cambridge often and the regular Thursday night barn burning Poorfarm gig in Hudson. Glenn can be heard drumming on Alan's double CD release, Spinning Those Memories on the North Hollow label of Vermont.

Glenn went to work for the Richard Carr agency of Rhode Island in 1975. Moonfast was the first band he was asked to join. Tom Moore introduced Glenn to the band. Tom was the sound man and later was an engineer at the Cars studio, Syncro Sound on Boylston. Moonfast played six nights a week, fifty weeks a year. Glenn states "This was a different time, before drunk driving laws and the drinking age was eighteen. Clubs were packed with people every night. The dough was pretty good and so were the perks. Then again the usual agency power trips were always present. The new thing was FM radio and the band enjoyed recreating many of the new album cuts of the time. Agencies would book bars exclusively and have a large roster of bands they basically molded and controlled. Some bands were more accomplished than others, I know I played for many". This agency blacklisted Glenn when he left to play with Cap'n Swing.

Glenn had been recording with Rick Otcasek and Benn Orr for a time by now and Rick asked Glenn to join the new project , Cap'n Swing."It was time to do something original and creative for me so i jumped ship. Demo tracks I had played drums on received major drive time airplay on WBCN radio by then DJ's Maxanne Satori and Oedipus, recordings that helped pave the way for the Cars band to get a record deal I like to think". That's right Cap'n Swing was the predecessor to the Cars band from Boston and is mentioned in most biographies of the group. Showcases were played at Max's Kansas City and CBGB's in N.Y.C on October fourth and fifth 1976 and the Jazz Workshop / Paul's Mall in Boston with Foxpass on a double bill, August sixteenth, Lil' Earl"s in Gloucester on the eighteenth through the twenty second, The Club in Cambridge with The Real Kids on July twenty through twenty second and also The Rat in Boston and a few frat parties in Oreno Maine and in town Boston. "I remember Benn Orr as a very nice guy. Benn was always accompanied by his white wolf and drove a 1967 purple Impala jacked up in the back with big tires and chrome reverse wheels. Rick had a blue VW bug with grey fenders and was a constant radio button pusher. Rick was cool but aloof and liked my drumming. After losing my shirt in this band and waiting about a year for the pending recording contract, I left Cap'n Swing. Everything was too ambiguous for me at the time and I was not making the best decisions. My last gig with the band was three nights on Nantucket, very late on my van payments, all the bands equipment in my truck as I come off the ferry in Hyannis with Elliot Steinberg in the passenger seat and fifteen dollars in my pocket for three nights work". Members of Cap'n Swing were Todd Roberto on Alembic bass guitar, Danny Schilftlin on Fender rhodes, Elliot Steinberg on guitar, Glenn Evans on drums, Rick Otcasek on rhythm guitar, Benjamin Orrzecowski on vocals only, out front of the band. Ocasek became senior VP at Electra records in April 2003, Elliot currently plays guitar with Creedence Clearwater Revisited and Benn passed away the prior October. Glenn was the only true Bostonian wise ass in the Cap'n Swing group in fact.

Glenn basically begged Inky Fair and the Moonfast band to let him back in the band. After all he needed a steady income and the Moonfast was always booked months ahead. The band allowed Glenn back into the band and in a meeting at the agent's office Glenn got the feeling that if he left the group again he would have his fingers broken, "typical goombah" says Glenn. So as he was settling in with Moonfast again, Ocasek called a few weeks later and asked Glenn to play some gigs with Cap'n Swing. "I said NO I could not. After all, the Goombah would break my fingers or some other lame excuse and that was it! They went on to become a famous band known as The Cars. I have lived this down all my life in certain circles. David replaced me and he was replaced by a drum machine early on when recording, a real drag for any drummer. I guess I missed my big break because The Cars went on to fame and fortune and I continued on to another band".

Staying with the Carr agency long enough to get recruited into the band PF & the Flyers, again Glenn found himself playing his drums every night all over New England. PF &the Flyers' leader and bassist was Paul Franklin also the Late guitarist Poncho Vidal,"the wild thing". This band was together over twenty years and Glenn was the seventh drummer in the band from 1977 through 1980. " This band could and would party hard every night along with everyone in the room as well". The Flyers played regularly at The Blue Sands on Misquamicutt Beach in Rhode Island, the Compass Lounge in Yarmouth, the Casino in Falmouth and On The Rocks at the Mashpee rotary on Cape Cod during many summers.

Warren Leslie, a reggae artist recorded a couple three tunes at Longview Farm recording studio in North Brookfield Ma.with Jesse Henderson engineering and a couple three tunes at No Evil Multimedia in Washington DC with Nick Kamoutseas and Doug Hayes at the controls in 1978. Produced by the late Greg Beede, the sessions included Tom Yates on guitar and bass, Vernon Paris on steel drum, Linda Evans, Dottie Pearson on vocals and Glenn on drums. "The music was funky dance reggae on a 45 rpm sized, white vinyl, small hole, 33 rpm record, weird then, weird now but real funky" says Glenn.

Sass were the West brothers from Revere,city boys.They had many drummers over the years and Glenn was one of them and played the long razed Commodore Ballroom in Lowell on New Years Eve 1978 with Vernon and Dana. " I remember sliding around empty snow covered parking lots in a rent-a-car, smashing into snowbanks and anything else in our path leaving the car dented all over, these guys knew how to have a good time for sure".

Glenn did leave the agency to play with the Jeanne French Band from the north shore. "They never broke my fingers, I guess I made them enough dough through the years. Jeanne's new album on Columbia records titled Diamond in the Rough was wonderful but it lacked promotion from the powers that be". Recorded at Muscle Shoals it truly deserved a big push and the band played gigs at Hampton Beach Casino opening shows for Dave Mason, Southside Johnny, Jonathan Edwards, Stillwater, James Cotton, James Montgomery and Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show.. Today, Jeanne has numerous CD releases and soundtracks including the popular Joan of Arcadia television series.

Greg Hawkes, Tom Yates and Glenn Evans recorded two spy /noir instrumental tunes at Syncro Sound in Boston in 1980. Recorded were the tunes Slaughter on Tenth Avenue and the James Bond Theme and Tommy Yates' guitar work is phenomenal. "The studio was all new then and I remember when it was Intermedia studio says Glenn, I had my first session there". Greg Hawkes was keyboardist in the Cars and has a new project Fierce Tibetan Gods.

Along come the Hot Dates. This was a fine rocking punk band with an independent LP on Boston Skyline Records before it seemed common practice. Bob Millet asked Glenn to join when their drummer went to law school. Turns out that was a good idea. The Hot Dates played around town and slowly faded away it seems but first recording a demo of some new tunes at Studio B on Bolton street in Boston before disbanding in 1981. Glenn remarked, " It was like trying to replace Ringo when I joined that gang". Band members were Bob Millet, Sam Simcoe, Jeff Root, Mitch Kary and Glenn. Another potentially famous band demise.

One-Too-One was the amazing two man band and used no sequencing or machines to play their rock & roll. Douglas Michaels played a double neck 6 & 12 string guitar and nimbly kicked electric Taurus bass pedals. Glenn played a full drumset and with dual vocals, their full rock band sound and their very large repertoire, Doug and Glenn played every Tuesday night at the Governor Bradford in Provincetown and two summers as house band at Spinnakers in Harwichport on Cape Cod in 1983 and 1984. This band honed Glenn's vocal chops.

The Florida Years

It was almost Thanksgiving 1987 on a bitter cold windy day when there was a knock on the door of his tiny cottage in North Truro. Glenn was the last straggler. With all the other cottages already closed up, water shut off and the seasonal workers gone south it was time to vacate. Glenn's whole family had moved to sunny Florida earlier in the year so it seemed an opportune time to check out the sunshine state. All his belongings except a drumkit went in storage and Glenn headed south for a two week visit, two weeks was the plan.

Upon arrival in Florida a mutual friend of the family heard Glenn was in town. She was a waitress in a local honky tonk and the Pure Grain Band needed a drummer. Glenn recalls taking the lousy paying gig four nights a week at Carlie's. "Two days being in Florida and I'm playing hillbilly country music in this huge warehouse of a club with a dance floor bigger than most homes. I had played country music before but this was different. This band played absolutely no rock music and everyone called me Glaay-enn and marveled at my Marlboro accent. I was not in Kansas anymore and within a couple of weeks had the 6 night drum gig in the house band Southern Rain at Carlie's".

Glenn recalls his first year in Florida was spent hanging and cruising the beach on hundreds of lazy days. "I quickly noticed that Florida has more places for bands to ply their trade in a fifty mile radius of the bay than all of New England. My first three years here I played country bars and bottle clubs until eight in the morning. Nine to two am then three to eight am. I must have played every tin roofed shack on the swamps of the coast. Some bayou bars had no glass in the windows, just chicken wire and chain link to keep the raccoons out and a warm breeze blowing through. Club owners would cage in the coolers, chain and padlock them having no doors or windows to close the club after hours. Needless to say musical equipment was never left unattended. Some of these clubs are still here today, this is Florida, gator swamp country hidden behind a facade of strip malls, twenty feet above sea level, big wind, big wave, we are gone".

Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show's keyboardist was in town in 1989 and caught Glenn play at Mike Miller's Bar in Pinellas Park. Two weeks later Glenn was on the stagecoach to Canada touring extensively with Dr.Hook featuring Ray Sawyer. Glenn says, " I had too much fun in this band, every show was sold out and we hardly played major cities but we played Newfoundland in the dead of winter. I remember trying to spend the night while waiting for the ferry back to Nova Scotia in the General, Willy Nelson's old bus with probably a couple million miles on it. The wind was bitter cold and would permeate the bunks in the bus. We were all freezing in this bus when someone said "let's go to the terminal it will be warmer there". The band had to hold on to a chain as they walked to the terminal to keep from being blown off the tarmac into the ocean in ninety mile an hour winds. "It was wild says Glenn, Newfoundland in February, crazy". Jungle or Jungle Glenn was his moniker in Dr. Hook. "Ray's sax man was the late great Papa Glenn from Georgia so Ray just enjoyed calling me Jungle. I realized he didn't remember me by my real name until after having to say Jungle to him a few years later at another show after I had left the band. At that moment his demeanor changed and welcomed me onto the bus for a chat. I liked Ray a lot especially offstage, wonderful memories for me. In a different town daily living out of a suitcase, motorway food, bleached swabbed truck stop showers, and the experience of playing drums to all the great Dr. Hook songs including, Sylvia's Mother, On the cover of the Rolling Stone, I got stoned and I missed it, Sexy eyes, When your in love with a beautiful woman and many many others, recording over twenty two albums in their heyday. After many miles including three winter tours from Iceland to Victoria B.C and numerous lineup changes. I left the band. If the situation is not great out there it can really wear you down and they worked constantly, one nighters, all year".

Upon returning to Florida Glenn hooked up with two awesome but very different harmonica masters. These harp players were TC Carr and Rock Bottom. He found himself playing with both. He recorded CD's with them and played live gigs too."for a couple of years there I played the Tampa Bay Bluesfest with more than one band in the line up, that was a cool time" Glenn recalls.

TC Carr's beach / blues harmonica style and his soulful vocals are Florida so to speak. He has shared the stage with Dickie Betts ,Charlie Daniels and many others. Glenn played drums on TC's first CD release tittled Blooz-it. TC Carr & the Catch featured the guitar and songwriting talents of Lenny Austin, Harry Daily on bass whom played on eleven Jimmy Buffett albums, later the irrepressable Mondo Bizzaro on bass, Glenn on drums.

The Mad Beach Band were a gulf coast favorite for many years."This band was my Florida equivilant of PF and the Flyers, I again was the seventh drummer". This band played mostly at Beach Nutts in Treasure Island and local street festivals. The Mad Beach Band also traveled north to New Hampshire to play a month at the Tower Lounge and the Sunapee Country Jam with Eddie Rabbit and T. Graham Brown. Members of this unit were Pete Merrigan, Lenny Austin, Harry Daily, David Williamson, Scott Hunter and TC Carr.

Remember the two week vacation that originally brought Glenn to Florida? On this trip north is when he finally picked up his belongings or what was left of them. The mice and Cape weather took it's toll and a lot of stuff was left behind. Imagine if you will the cost of a one car garage sized storage locker's cost over a five year period. Glenn headed south in a rickety old Chevy van.

Rock Bottom often had a different lineup at almost every gig. His band The Cutaways was a blues clearinghouse. An ever changing cast of characters, musicians came and went for whatever reason. "I was fired for showing up in shorts at a beach side club one night. I guess over the years I quit six times and was fired six times. No getting comfortable in Rock's band, it kept you on your toes, you never forgot that Rock was the show". Many tours of Scandinavia and the Brittish Ilses made Rock quite famous in Europe, more than in America in fact. Glenn played drums on four Rock Bottom CD's. They were, Too Many Bad Habits, Give Me The Blues, Rare and Unreleased and Tone. On these sessions were Ronnie Earle, Vidar Busk, Steve Burdi, T-Bone Hamilton and Roy Book Binder et al. Rock's untimely passing in 2001 left a big hole in the Florida blues scene and will go down in blues history as a great harmonica master and true blues man.

New Orleans style pianist Diz Watson was in Florida from London and recruited Glenn for his tour of the south. This tour included Maimi's Tobacco Road, Sloppy Joe's in Key West and with Dr. John at the El Pasage Plaza in Ybor City.This band lineup included Frog McWilliams from Fats Dominos band, Rock Bottom on harmonica, Glenn and Steve Page on upright bass.

Rosy and the Redheads was a swinging combo with a regular Wednesday night date at Selena's in Hyde Park, and were regular entertainers at Skippers Smokehouse in Tampa. Rosy's forte is the old bawdy blues tunes with double entendre and she has a wonderful repartee with any audience. The Redheads were Frank Bowman on sax, Glenn on drums, Rose Romance on upright bass and the late Little Juke on guitar.

Diamond Teeth Mary lived a long life of shouting the blues. She performed into her late nineties. Also known as Walking Mary she has been featured in Smithonian Documentaries and the Florida Museum in a film by Pete Gallager. Mary's half sisters were Bessie Smith and Billy Holiday. On her eighty eighth birthday Mary appeared on NBC's Today Show acumpanied by Little Juke on guitar, Mondo Bizzaro on bass, Rock Bottom on harp and Glenn again on the drums, filmed at the Big Apple Bistro in St. Petersburg, another razed nightclub.

Wendy Rich is a sweet soulfull spitfire. Backed by her longtime band The Soulshakers, they have hosted the Sunday night jam sessions at the Ringside Cafe for over twelve years now. Stevie Way and Red have backed Wendy for years. Glenn played in the band for 2 years and recorded Wendy and the Soulshakers first CD, Feels Like I'm Drowning. Wendy has been a featued singer with Janis Joplin's Big Brother and the Holding Company and is another of Florida's favorite entertainers.

Roy Book Binder is a piedmont style guitar picking blues traveler in the truest sense. Roy travels worldwide singing and playing his guitar. He also has a cataloge of instructional videos and CD's on the Rounder label easily available. With David York A.K.A Rock Bottom in the producers seat, Glenn was called to play his very old calf skinned Coney Island origin trapset from 1910 on Roy's Polk City Ramble CD. In a quote from the western New York blues preservation magazine, Blues Connection, May '99 Roy said, "My drummer Glenn Evans had the day of his life there. It was unbelievable, we capured the flavor of early Muddy Waters. The trapkit was made in 1916. It had the original calfskin heads on it. The bass drum itself was the size of a VW beetle.. I wished I could tour with that sound. I think it's really important to have a vintage kit like that". Glenn's distinctive drum groove from the CD's tune, Anywhere You Go, was used in a series of Burdines retail telvision commercials.

Ronnie Earle spaced into Panda Studio on March 13 1994 for a session with harmonica wizard Rock Bottom. Assembled for the date were T-Bone Hamilton, Glenn Evans, and Rock Bottom on his harp and vocals. These tunes can be found on Rock Bottom's, Too Many Bad Habits release on Parsifal/Double Trouble Records from Brugge Belgium, a true collectors item. The sesssios were recorded all first takes on this CD. Glenn later shared the stage with Ronnie, Rock and Freightrain at the tenth anual Riverwalk Blues Festival in Ft. Lauderdale on November third 1996. Glenn says with great enthusiazim, " Wow what a great show that was. There were over 50 thousand people crammed between two stages and we played so loud it was awesome. Rock Bottom was in all his glory, blowing his harp like a hurricane and the biggest smile I have ever seen on his face. A gig that I will never forget".

Vidar Busk was sitting in on guitar with Rock Bottom in Norway when he was just sixteen years old. He was later dropped off at Rock's door in St. Petersburg by his father to learn the blues from Rock. Glenn had Vidar in his own group as well as Rock. At this point in time Big Itchy's Wash Day Jam was in full swing on Monday's with Vidar as the host guitarist. Says Glenn, "Vidar is simply a phenomental guitar slinger with a cataloge on Warner Norway Records. I even got a thanks in the liner notes on the CD's. We kicked butt at the Rock Bottom Tribute show at Skipper's Smokehouse in 2002, it was great fun. I remember offering Vidar some bisque at my home and he hadn't had bisque before and I thought that odd him being from Norway".

Big Itchy & the Gold Bond Boys was Glenn's swinging jazz big band experiment. The band opened for the Brian Setzer Orchestra at Jannins Landing in St. Petersburg on Brian's first tour out with his big band.The Gold Bond Boys included Lou Stallutte on tenor, Rich Willy on trumpet, Larry Camp on guitar, Robert Parker on bass, Mike Flore on tenor, John Street on piano and "Big Itchy" on drums. Big Itchy & the Gold bond boys were a dues band with a weekly jazz experiment at the World Famous Monkey Bar in Pinellas Park.

The Hodaddys was Glenn's surf project and rode a wave of popularity to legendary status. The Hodaddys play locally in surf shops, car shows, seaside cafes, benifits for the waverider foundation, alternative rock shows and opened for the Tampa Bay Symphony on the beach at Treasure Island's Beachfest, Hot Rod Magazines Power tour at St. Petersburg's Pier, and were favorites on WMNF community radio in Tampa. The Hodaddys are Kneejerk on drums and vocals. Popa Woody on bass and The King Pompano on the surf guitar.The CD THE HODADDYS-"Plays Surf Hits"  HODADDYS "Surfin' With" and HODADDYS "HOT RODS & SURF" were  recorded at Glenn's studio dubbed Firetrap Studio, 24 track digital and 8 track 1/2 inch tape analog with computer support. creates that greasy sound required for authentic surf music. The Hodaddys - Total Surf CD is available at all finer Florida surf shops and record shops and here on this site.

Birdbog Bobby was in town from Orlando in 2001 recording his "WOOF" CD at George Harris's Panda studio and had not heard the drum grooves to his liking on this one tune, like a flat-tire, wet shuffle played at a very fast groove. Glenn was called and knocked the track off on the second take and with time left on the clock recorded four more tunes with bassists, Ben "Jamin" Sudano and Robert "Freightrain" Parker." Glenn has also performed live with Birddog Bobby & the Honey Hounds.

Sarasota Slim has been a Florida favorite for many years. He has a cataloge of CD's on his Possum-Phono Graphics label and Appaloosa records in Italy. Sarasota Slim has a swampy funky blues style. Glenn recorded three tunes at Slim's home studio in 2002 with Tim Heding [James Brown, Gregg Allman alumni] on keyboards and Andy Irvine on bass from Beanstalk. These tracks can be found on Sarasota Slim's Boney Fingers CD.

The Rhythm Revue featuring Sugar & Spice was a fine seven piece show band, very popular on Florida's west coast.The band fronted by sisters Velma and Myra played Mowtown / Stax standards to packed rooms nightly. Glenn being a fine singer himself opened each show singing a few tunes. Band members were Tom Chambers on guitar, Mike Flore on Tenor, Bruce Yerman on bass, Glenn on drums and vocals, and Henry Burke, another Boston transplant on keyboards. Together ten years, a good run for any group, the ladies decided to take a break at the bands peak in 2002.

The Complacents were a classic rock trio...The COMPLACENTS featured Lenny Austin on guitar & vocals, Steve Vitale on bass & vocals, Glenn Evans on drums & vocals. This band took tampabay by storm in the two years it was together.

In the summer of 2005 The New Glenn Evans Blues Band was formed with Tampabays' finest and most emotionally experienced blues musicians. Musicianship of the highest quality is evident throughout all shows. The guitar's of Cory Wheeler and Josh Nelms, soulful bass and vocals of Mike Chavers, keyboard master Tim Heding round out Glenn's singing and drumming. As the late great Rock Bottom said often, " If you don't live it, you can't give it"! This band really has lived it and really does give it and truly offers an emotional blues experience.

2006 saw the resurgence of Florida's favorite surf instrumental trio "HODADDYS". Their CD release "Hodaddys Play Surf Hits" was released internationally on the Mad Tiki label. 
HODADDYS reach a milestone with a concert with dick dale,and opened his show five years in a row....HODADDYS  have made three CDs 2012 hanging with the Hodaddys 2015 Hodaddys surf and hot rod 

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Glenn Evans 2008
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