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Starting in 1963 Glenn Evans has always had drums on his mind. Playing drums is the one constant in his life. Glenn has played in over 500 bands in a continuing over 50 year run. Originally from Boston, he experienced the booming Boston music scene of the 70's and was a part of it. In New England he played drums with Jon Butcher in Johanna Wild, Cap'n Swing with Ric Ocasek, Benn Orr & Elliot Easton, PF & the Flyers, the Hot Dates, Andy Pratt, Greg Hawkes,The Estes Boys, Moonfast and many other musical heavyweights and is also a founding member of the Dirtywater Boston Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Residing in Florida since 1987, Glenn is a demanding session drummer and a call blues / general "live" drummer and vocalist. Since his move to Florida, he has played and recorded with most major blues acts in the Florida regional area. These acts include Sarasota Slim, Ronnie Earle, Rock Bottom, Roy Book Binder, TC Carr, Anson Funder burgh & Sam Myers, Diz Watson, Johnny "Clyde" Copeland, Bo Diddley, The Rhythm Revue, Wendy & the Soulshakers, Lucky Peterson, Birddog Bobby, Vidar Busk to name only a few. Glenn also led the highly successful surf band THE HODADDYS and recorded and produced their critically acclaimed CD release THE HODADDYS - PLAYS SURF HITS in 1998, HANGIN' WITH HODADDYS IN 2012 & HODADDYS SURF & HOT RODS in 2015.

Glenn had the opportunity to tour internationally with Ray Sawyer's DR. HOOK of "Cover of the Rolling Stone" fame, in the early 1990's. Glenn currently devotes his considerable energy to THE NEW GLENN EVANS BLUES BAND and his surf bands, THE HODADDYS and NEPTUNE KINGS. []

Glenn's recording studio dubbed "Firetrap" is another wonderful distraction for him as well, always into some new musical project for himself or one of his friends.   

See the timeline page for a more complete musical biography of Glenn Evans

With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.....
Ralph Waldo Emerson

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