Welcome to my 15 minutes of fame.


My name is Glenn Evans and I have been drumming longer than I care to admit. 
I still have a love and fascination with the drums that I had when I was 8 years old. 
After years of extensive travel, I play around the Tampa Bay area [and beyond] as a call drummer and vocalist. 
I welcome you to look around this site and check out the recording sessions and live recordings of my drumming through the years. 
You might be surprised, like me, by the musicians I've enjoyed playing with. Often I can't believe I saved some of this music many years. I had gone years without listening to the old Boston recordings myself. This is not so much a vanity site but rather an outlet for me to offer some music I have had in my possession for many years and many moves, some never released, and I feel should be heard by people along with some photos. So, check back often and I'll try to keep it interesting to the listener. The site serves me as a resume' for gigs too. 
So please enjoy my site...[always under construction]...



Glenn Evans

God gives you the face you're born with and you die with the one you earn......



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